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 Coors Brewing Company Panel w/survey

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PostSubject: Coors Brewing Company Panel w/survey   Thu Sep 04, 2008 7:15 pm

Join the panel

Quote :
Thank you for your interest in the Coors Panel. Please read the following and then click "Take me to the survey" at the bottom of the page to see if you qualify to be a Coors panel member.

The Coors panel will be used by our company to provide consumer insights to Coors Brewing Company on a wide variety of new product and marketing ideas. We are very excited about your involvement, and we hope you're enthusiastic about participating in future Coors panel projects.

As a member of the Coors panel, your opinions will be invaluable in providing insights to Coors Brewing Company. You will have an opportunity to help shape their product development, advertising, and marketing strategies.
As a Coors panel member, you might be asked to:
- Do product tests on new products (sent to your home or work via FedEx)
- Review new product concepts online
- Review packaging and graphics online
- Attend a local group discussion
- Participate in a chat session
- Or just to let us know what you like Coors products in general!
Every time you complete a project you will be compensated $5 to $100 depending on the type of project. Of course, you're not required to participate in every project, though we hope to hear from you whenever possible.
In order for you to participate in Coors panel projects, we always need current contact information so please be sure to visit this website and enter an update whenever you change your email address, phone number or street address.
Also, please be sure that your email inbox is able to accept emails from, so that you can get emails about new project opportunities!
Please click on the link below to begin the Coors Panel sign-up survey.

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Coors Brewing Company Panel w/survey
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